About Us

What we seek to do 

Get Set Go seeks to empower people who are always on the go. Whether you're going to the gym, grabbing brunch, having a night out or just an all-in-all hustler, you can think of us as your perfect companion. 

We provide you with quality pieces that are easily cross-matched and designs that will withstand the turbulences of fashion and time. 

What we do

Our full gym sets and accessories are finely curated to inspire confidence and espouse the satisfying feeling of put togetherness. There is just something about a matching look that hits different. 

Asides that, we also provide a wide range of products that include other gym and daily essentials. Every product has been carefully tried, tested and verified to be 100% reliable. Don't take our word for it, just look at the reviews!

Why "Get Set Go"? 

We love it when activewear is worn as a matching set. Imagine wearing a bright red bra and leggings to your HITT class. The power you'd feel from looking at yourself in the mirror. Or a classic teal top with tights to yoga class before an ice-cream date. Not many outfits are this versatile. 

With this, we wanted to capture the essence of power, versatility, and fashion into our brand name. And we feel that Get Set Go captures that well. 

Where we're from

Our team's based in Singapore, with suppliers around Asia. We source and curate pieces that we personally love and bring it at an affordable price to you. 

Are you ready to take on your day?

Get. Set. Go.

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(Have a question for us? Drop us an email at hello@getsetgo.shop)